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The same applies to the wedding photography as for the engagement sessions: the more naturalistic, the more storytelling, the more real – the better.
There are no poses on a wedding, because there is no time for it. It is hectic and the photographer has no room for failure. Those precious moments only happen once in a lifetime so there are no excuses such as an empty battery or a faulty camera on your big day. At least not from me! Thats why I always shoot weddings with 2 premium (high-end) cameras in hand. The editing trends are changing from year to year, from photographer to photographer. Currently there are two (three – true natural, slightly faded style but with true colour science) major trends: the high-contrast, bright, colourful, warm one and the low-contrast, soft, faded, cool one. To be honest with you, I love both! What I never compromise on though is quality. I never ever edit my pictures to be blurred. Unfortunately, some photographers choose thisstylebecause their technical skills or equipments do not give them consistently sharp images, so they opt for an overall grainy look. They look OK on Facebook or Instagram, I get it, but youll never be able to print them in a decent size. Due to this grainyness you will also never be able to see small details such as your rings or names on place cards.
If you give me the honour to capture your Special Day I would love to return this kindness by offering you the chance to choose between the two most trendy styles after seeing an example for both using one of your pictures! How great is that!? 🙂 Here is an example:
You reveal the meaning of your journey together through laughs and sometimes happy tears too.