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The Experience

Choose the Ideal Location

I’m pretty flexible with locations, as long as it will enhance your experience and allow me to create the best photos for you! I’ve done shoots at Airbnbs, hotels, and clients’ houses. I’m also open to other ideas, so if you have a favourite spot of yours for photos, let’s do it!

Privacy comes First

I only share your photos on my social media or website if you give me your written permission! Of course, I’d love to share your beautiful photos to show others how incredible the experience is, but if you are uncomfortable having them shared, I completely understand!

Utmost Professionalism

I will not do my job any different than if I was a female photographer. The comfort of my clients is quintessential! I’m fully committed to providing a professional, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for you. Please feel free to check out some of the testimonials from my previous clients!